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Aromglas 45cl Soiree

Spiegelau  | G8030

124 SEK

  • Slut i lager
  • Köp nu - betala senare
  • Öppet köp i 30 dagar

Mer info

  • Volym: 45cl
  • Höjd: 13,7cm
  • Diameter: 9,7cm
  • Skötsel: Tål maskindisk

Aroma glass, or cognac cup as they are usually called, has a large cup with a tapered top. This shape allows the drink to take its place and develop taste and aroma. The round cup is comfortable in the hand, the drink is warmed from the hand and develops its flavor nuances. This Aroma glass from the traditional Spiegelau is a classic and meets all the criteria for an aroma glass.

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